Fuchsia Love: How To Style The Hottest Trend

Fuchsia Love: How To Style The Hottest Trend

Leaving summer behind, doesn't mean you have to leave your vibrant moods also. Fuchsia remains a favourite colour for this autumn's looks and can definitely spice up your style, as it can make great combos with pretty much everything you already own. 

Fuchsia is a great way to elevate a look with a pair of jeans or a tailored pair of black trousers, can make outstanding colour blocking when paired with navy blues or you can go the edgy look way and style it with a vinyl bordeaux skirt. 

Here are some autumn street style ideas with fuchsia that we absolutely loved:

Fuchsia Outerwear

Bamini Puffy Bomber, Stefania Vaidani

Styling Tips: Try a fuchsia crop jacket with a bra top as the temperatures still allow or try layering with a white t-shirt underneath and your favourite slouchy pair of jeans. 

Bamini Crop Jacket, Stefania Vaidani

fuchsia outfit
photo: Imaxtree

Styling Tips: Magenta is a great variation of the fuchsia trend and a magenta suit is the best way to create an androgynous look for the season. 

Celine blazer, Sun Set Go
Celine trousers, Sun Set Go

Fuchsia from day to night

fuchsia skirt

fuchsia skirt
photo: wethepeoplestyle

fuchsia skirt
photo: Getty

Styling Tips: Wear your favourite fuchsia dress from day to night by throwing a cozy sweater or a classic blazer on top, making it ideal for an office look and perfect for early drinks later on. 

Open Back Dress, milkwhite

Gladys Sweater, Karavan

Fuchsia Total Looks

fuchsia outfit

fuchsia knitted outfit

Bamini knit jumper, Stefania Vaidani
Bamini knit skirt, Stefania Vaidani
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