Stripe Out

Apr 26, 2020 | Get Inspired | 0 comments

Talking about timeless styles, stripes are probably holding the gold medal in the race. Either it comes to classic and neutral looks or bold contrasts and various sizes, stripes are included in most wardrobes and they come back season after season in updated versions, to offer new inspiration to the fashion lovers around the globe.

An absolutely versatile staple, stripes really do a perfect match to anything; they are the perfect companion to floral prints, they enhance a strict monochromaric look but, surely and foremost, they stand out on their own.

We have rounded up some of the coolest looks to inspire you to countless mix and match games. So, what’s your striped type?

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shop the looks: Cecilia Knitted Jumpsuit by Karavan Clothing

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shop the looks: Annalise Knitted Dress by Karavan Clothing

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shop the looks: Relaxante Dress by La Petite Française

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shop the looks: Audrey top/dress, Elizabeth trousers by Karavan Clothing

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